About Merchant Acquiring Services
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Meet Our Team

Deborah Camm | Vice President, Business Development & Client Relations

Deborah Camm joined Merrick Bank in 2012 as Vice President of Sales and Business Development and Client Relations. Under her leadership, Ms. Camm is responsible for managing and expanding wholesale BIN partnerships, VAR and referral relationships, new product acceptance, processor relations, and marketing. Prior career experiences, over a 17 year span, include holding senior level executive positions with Humboldt Bank Merchant Services, USAePay, and Planet Payment. She has consistently focused on relationship development, revenue attainment, and the creation and execution of innovative solutions for a wide array of clients.

Brian Smith | Director, Business Development & Client Relations

Brian joined Merrick Bank in 2007 as Compliance Risk Manager. During his tenure at the Bank, Brian transitioned within the Sales and Business Development Department, where he is responsible for ISO sponsorships, VARS and referral relationships, introducing secure and innovative product solutions to the Bank's clients, Agent Bank sponsorships, Marketing, and ISO Compliance. Prior to Merrick Bank, Brian worked at First Data Merchant Services for eight years holding Management roles within the Underwriting and Finance Departments, and prior to that, European American Bank.

Ruth Gorski | Manager, Business Development & Client Relations

Ruth joined Merrick Bank in 2016 as Manager of Business Development and Client Relations. She is responsible for ISO sponsorships, VARS and referral relationships, introducing secure and innovative product solutions to the Bank’s clients, Agent Bank sponsorships, marketing, and ISO compliance. Prior to joining Merrick Bank, Ruth worked for American Express for over 25 years in a variety of positions, including marketing, sales planning, compensation, and relationship management. Ruth has been a member of the NEAA board since 2005

Lisa Kenney | Chief Operating Officer & Senior Vice President

Lisa Kenney, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Merrick Bank’s Merchant Acquiring business, joined the Bank in 2006. She is responsible for the management, oversight, and financial and operational performance of the Merchant Acquiring business. Ms. Kenney is an industry veteran with over 19 years of managerial experience in the financial services segment, and her prior career experience includes several senior level positions within First Data Corporation, with specialized expertise in credit underwriting, risk management, compliance and operations.

John Collins | VP, Merchant Acquiring

John joined Merrick Bank in 2017 as Vice President of Merchant Acquiring. John manages the Credit Underwriting, Risk Monitoring and Periodic Review groups who are responsible for the oversight of our ISO’s new account submissions and the monitoring of our client’s processing activity to insure compliance to Credit Policy and mitigate any credit, financial or reputational risk to the bank. Prior to Merrick John spent over 26 years with First Data Corporation. While at First Data, he served in various senior leadership roles within key areas of Risk Management including Credit Policy, Credit Underwriting, Risk Monitoring, Collections and Collateral Management.

Since 1999, Merrick Bank Merchant Acquiring Services has been a dedicated partner, committed to meeting the unique needs of each ISO. With nearly $4 billion in assets, we are the 15th largest acquirer, supporting 40+ ISOs and processing over $31 billion in annual credit and debit card sales for over 91,000 merchants.