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You should be able to finance your dream RV, boat, trailer, or powersport vehicle right now, regardless of your past financial challenges. Already have a recreation loan?

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<p>Live Life Adventurously</p>


Let’s face it: life isn’t always perfect — and your financial history may not be perfect either. We believe that your past financial challenges shouldn’t affect your ability to get a recreation loan today. That’s why we provide loan options for more people than the average bank.

Merrick Bank loans to people with:

  1. Discharged Bankruptcies
  2. Charge-offs
  3. Collections
  4. Judgments

If you’re looking to finance an RV, boat, trailer or powersport vehicle now, it’s time to find a dealer near you who partners with Merrick Bank.

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This online loan calculator is not meant to replace any lender’s offer(s) but to provide users with a tool to estimate monthly payments on boat loans, RV loans, trailer loans, and powersports loans.