Merrick Bank Credit Card Activation
Frequently Asked Questions

Online Activation

Q. After I activate my card online, how quickly can I use my card?

A. Once your Merrick Bank card has been successfully activated, you may use it immediately.

Q. I received an error message when I tried to activate online. What do I need to do?

A. We regret any inconvenience you may have experienced. You can “Retry” the online activation or call the phone number on the sticker on the front of your card for assistance.

Q. I want to enroll in the Cardholder Center, but didn’t when I activated my card. Can I still enroll?

A. Yes. You can enroll anytime in the Cardholder Center where you can manage your account. Go to and select Enroll. Be sure to have your card with you as you will need it to enroll.

Q. I decided I wanted to enroll in Paperless Statements, after I activated my card. How do I enroll for Paperless Statements?

A. You can enroll in Paperless Statements anytime. Visit the online Cardholder Center at and select Enroll. Be sure to have your card with you as you will need it to enroll. After you enroll, login, and then click on the goPaperless™ icon to complete the process.

Q. If I enroll in the Cardholder Center am I automatically enrolled in everything else too?

A. By enrolling in the Cardholder Center, you will automatically receive your FICO® Score each month and you can access Cardholder Center in a mobile friendly format on your smart phone. You can also visit and participate in our blog forum any time. For paperless statements, SMS Text, or downloading our Mobile app, there are some additional steps. Please visit today for specific details.

Q. Is it secure to activate my card online?

A. Yes, it is safe to activate your card online. We are committed to providing secure internet service by using the highest level of security and encryption technology available. We exceed industry best practices and comply with all of Visa and MasterCard’s security standards. Visit our online security policy.

Q. If I activate my card online, does that mean I have to do everything online?

A. No, we want to provide you with convenient options to activate and start using your Merrick Bank card.

Q. Do I have to activate my card from my home phone?

A. No, you do not. However, if you activate your card from one of the phone numbers you provided us, the activation process will be faster.