PAYS from Merrick Bank
For your convenience Payment Activation Forms are accessible below.
You may submit your completed activation form by mail or fax.

P.O. Box 43297
Jacksonville, FL 32203-3297

FAX COMPLETED FORM TO: 1-800-524-9072

Please ensure the following:

  • Carefully follow the instructions for your fax machine.
  • Avoid sending a blank fax by placing document with the
    correct side up according to your fax machine.
  • Do not use colored paper to fax as it will not be readable.
  • Your activation number is written on all pages submitted.
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V.I.P. Cardmember Benefits
V.I.P. Program You can now enhance your Merrick Bank Credit Card account with V.I.P.  Membership entitles you to 13 extraordinary services, conveniences, and protections. From a Travel Concierge to credit card protection, you are afforded elite privileges as a V.I.P. cardmember.

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