Financial Education: Your Credit

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What is a Credit Report?

Credit Reports from each of the credit agencies look different but contain the same basic information. Typically, a credit report contains:

• First, identifying information including: name, social security number, current and previous addresses, telephone number, birth date, current and previous employers, spouse's name
• Second, a credit report contains your credit history. That is, your account record with different creditors. It will show how much credit has been extended and how you have repaid it.
• Third, a credit report contains inquiries, or a list that identifies creditors and other authorized parties who have requested and received your credit report.
• Fourth, a credit report contains public record information. These are items that are matters of public record, such as collection accounts, bankruptcies, foreclosures, tax liens, civil judgments, and late child support payments.

Now, you can find out what a credit report does NOT contain.